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too fun to pass up....

8/17/06, 3:42 AM

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six years

8/16/06, 4:27 AM

As of Sunday, this journal has existed for six years. Damn.

Johnny Damon or Chewbacca?

10/29/04, 4:30 PM

Since I had to endure all those posts with the weird mascot thing, you Yankee-haters get this:

The Red Sox have the largest payroll – $120 million – of any team ever to win a World Series. If you ever have accused a team of buying a championship, then that same charge has to apply to these Red Sox as well. With that much to spend, the surprise should be if they don’t win a championship or at least come close every year.

Tampa Tribune refuses to endorse Bush

10/20/04, 6:00 AM

The heavily conservative Tampa Tribune refused to endorse Bush for reelection despite endorsing him in 2000. I doubt this will sway many undecided voters, but what it may do is keep some of the Republicans unhappy with Bush’s first term home. It is a very good summation of Bush’s major screwups.

Spread this article.

10/16/04, 6:52 PM

It’s long, but littered with great quotes. It paints a very scary picture of how my country is run.

First kid on the block

7/4/04, 6:16 PM

Prelude: I’m stealing some unsuspecting (or at least I hope so) neighbor’s bandwidth, since we don’t have high-speed internet down the shore. Protect your wireless networks, fools!

Now, to my point. I got to ride a Segway today. It was mad crazy, to say the least. It’s so easy to get used to. After about 30 seconds, I got over the initial strangeness and it was pretty natural. The only thing that isn’t natural is the turning, which is done by a grip-shift–type knob on the handlebar. The best part about it was all the chicks were checking me out as I buzzed down the road at 17 mph.

I’m thinking about living primarily down the shore this summer, since I have no specific reason to stay in Rahway. In Rahway, I want to stay at home and be lazy. Down here, I want to spend my time outside. We’ll see what my parents say.

Anyway, this connection keeps dropping in and out, and it’s driving me nuts. ’Till next time&0133;.

To all my homies in the northern segment of this exciting and vibrant young continent:

7/1/04, 6:48 AM

Happy Canada Day!

(’cause we all know I’m a wannabe Canadian, if only so I had sweet hockey skills. But then again, I’m American and I have no baseball or football or basketball skills. Or numchuck skills or bowhunting skills or computer hacking skills. How will I ever score with chicks?)

What I’ve been saying for years

6/9/04, 1:03 AM

My friend just e-mailed an article regarding the lack of young fans of classical music. It’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying since I’ve been serious about classical music.

The fact is that today the young, educated, and sophisticated listeners who 40 years ago would have paid attention to classical music, have turned to fashionable genres like indie rock. They even practice the connoisseurial behavior – seeking out obscure artists, reveling in the cachet of cult knowledge – that “highbrow” listeners apply to classical music.

In fact, pop culture aficionados can be just as snobbish as any classical music fan ever was. Consider the band Radiohead, whose angsty and ornate music is accompanied by a solemn pretentiousness far surpassing many a classical ensemble. Radiohead is one of the most revered bands of the very hip. So, no, those in thrall to the Strokes or Interpol are not being kept away from orchestral concerts by a whiff of elitism. It is only the content of the music  – the aesthetics – that differs.

It’s a miracle.

6/7/04, 2:05 AM

Ahhhh…Collapse )

The hair’s a little out of control, ey?

Calvin and Hobbes comes through again

5/12/04, 3:46 AM

This cartoon provides a solid metaphor for my situation this semester:

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